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It is with gratitude to all who have supported this work along with enthusiasm for all that is yet to be that we present this overview of the Foundation’s first two years. To answer a frequently asked question, the Foundation’s name combines the timely transactions of development with the more timeless values required for the shaping of community. The Foundation’s first program, the “Arizona Challenge” was an international competition in pursuit of an urban form that could be a living demonstration, epitomizing the smart, green, and sustainable regenerative systems of nature. The exciting response to this challenge can be found here.

Arizona Challenge 2.0 asked how this pursuit might be applied to new growth, occurring in and around already existing development. The 2.0 award-winning entries are featured here.

The programming and effectiveness of the Foundation’s approach is that it works through demonstrations rather than theories. This involves raising questions that others aren't asking, all in pursuit of connections that others aren't making. The insights and background for this approach come from the more than half century heritage of educational designing and support of a singular architectural practice with expertise ranging from regional development to the varied challenges encountered in the multidisciplinary pursuits of community. Since day one this uncommon heritage has informed and guided our every step, a commitment that will continue in support of the Foundation’s growing plans for the future. We are moving from the world of design, to the design of the world. Such a statement might seem arrogant if not for the fact that it is becoming an increasingly urgent reality. It is this sense of urgency combined with faith in the future and our commitment to the holistic power of design that we are pleased to share the following record of the Foundation’s first two years.

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Vernon D. Swaback, FAIA, FAICP