Winning Entries

Gold Award
The 20 Minute City
Design Team: Anh Luc, Asadullah, and Meredith Abrams


Juror’s Comments: The concept of the “20 Minute City” masterfully integrated personal mobility, amenities, and day-to-day activities within an artfully crafted purpose-centered community.“20 Minute City” exemplifies a community design which transcends traditional configurations, addresses challenges facing communities of today, and fosters unique opportunities for developing social capital through creative planning and architectural design.


Silver Award
Recipro (city)
Design Team: Daniel Aros and Brian Underwood


Juror’s Comments: “Recipro(city)” provides an in-depth analysis with creative solutions for addressing the live-work relationships in and amongst communities. Choices abound. “Recipro(city)” provides an exciting and solutions-based alternative to communities of today by fostering engagement, public/private ownership, and flexibility of design alternatives.


Bronze Award
Desert Sponge
Design Team: Alex Zee, Elizabeth Lorenz, and Mitch Edwards


Juror’s Comments: “Desert Sponge” illustrates inventive techniques by which “community” can be cultivated with the desert’s most precious resource, water. Based on the ecological concept of carrying capacity, water is a permeating theme in both the team’s analysis and ultimate design. This perspective enriches their view for sustainable, arid, region communities of the future.


Honorable Mention Award
Isomorphic City
Design Team: David Gonzalez and Kyle Szostek


Juror’s Comments: Going beyond construction materials or systems of the present, the designers positioned their view of the city in the year 2087. Utilizing “programmable matter” as the basic material, “Isomorphic City” envisions ever-adapting environments. There is nothing new about the changing growth of our urban centers. What is new is the thought that future changes could address the fundamental materiality of all that exists.