Winning Entries

1st Place Winner
Elijah Allan, Navajo
Shonto Chapter Community
Conservation Biology
Arizona State University

Elijah’s essay discussed restoring Indigenous knowledge and teachings of Agricultural Planting in relation to the Navajo people’s culture, tradition, language and philosophy.





2nd Winner
Chase Voirin, Navajo
St. Michael’s Chapter Community
Wildlife Conservation and Management
University of Arizona

Chase’s essay discusses the issue of economic development on the Navajo Nation and provides a variety of solutions to growing an economy through education, the environment and tourism.






3rd Place Winner
Justine Kanuho, Navajo
White Cone Chapter Community
Organismal Biology
University of Arizona

Justine’s essay discusses the rising number of diseases on the Navajo Nation, specifically the HIV epidemic and the benefits of educating the public with general information and awareness to decrease the number of people being affected.